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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good News, Bad News, Again

Some people have runs of good luck, some have runs of bad luck.  I seem to have runs of good luck and bad luck interspersed.  The latest is that (good news) on the same day I was to have a phone conversation with a recruiter looking for someone to fill a job that looks tailored to me (and at a very good place to work, by the sound of it), (bad news) I ran the front of my car into a lamp post while parking.   The car was going about 3 miles an hour, so (good news) I was unhurt, as were the two dogs in the back (I keep them in travel cages in the back of the station wagon, for their safety), and the car was driveable. But (bad news), just bending the bumper, denting the body, and cracking the headlight assembly results in an estimate of almost $3500 worth of body work.

Not that I'm complaining: the good news outweighs the bad by a sumo wrestler, at least.  Just hoping to have a little unmixed good luck sometime.   On second thought, I'm fine, as long as I don't get any unmixed bad luck.

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